Jitka Bernardova

 – Empowerment coach for women –
Jitka Bernardova | Transformational coach
I help those who feel broken, anxious, and constantly overwhelmed to live their lives confidently and fearlessly. These amazing women are internally struggling with self-doubt and low self esteem because they think that something has damaged them to the point that they need to be fixed. Jitka teaches them to take advantage of their highly sensitive nature and use their unique gifts, so they can find the courage to answer their higher calling and express their deep desire.

I started my coaching business in 2013 after I found a healthy way out from a devastating time when my marriage failed after 24 years. I have always been active and played sports throughout my childhood. When my marriage was in trouble and I felt empty, sad and not needed, I spent a lot of time in the gym where I could forget all my troubles. After awhile, I adopted healthy eating habits and started meditation. I made the mental shift from victim to survivor and that was the key to rebuilding my life.

My workout regimen and my disciplined personality paid off. People have been asking me what and how I did it. So I decided I want to help other people to use their divorce as an opportunity for growth and maturity.


I grew up in Czech Republic behind the Iron Curtain. Despite it all I was a very happy and active child.
I loved to play outside and take care of all our neighbors kids on the street. My parents were very strict. I didn’t feel loved enough so I was constantly seeking love from babies and animals.
I was blinded by looking for love so I didn’t see when I married an alcoholic man at the age of 18.
By the age of 21 I had two beautiful children and i finally found my love!
I stayed home with my children till my youngest turned 3 years old. Then I became an esthetician. I co-owned a successful spa with my two of friends. Thought my life was looking up, my husband then lost his job and he became my third depressed child. His drinking every night at the bar drained me to the core. I knew something had to give.
An opportunity to clean houses in US came to us in 1999. The problem was our future boss requested only couples. So I sold my business, left our kids with my parents and moved to California with my husband. The minute we landed I knew I was home.
It was very hard in the beginning because we didn’t speak any English. On the other hand it was good because my husband didn’t have any time to drink. After a year, we started our own cleaning company and our kids joined us in the US. Then the problem with my husbands every night drinking started again. Little did i know it wasn’t only drinking that he was doing but he was also cheating on me. Cheating with my friends ! It was so devastating at the moment.
I couldn’t live like that anymore so I divorced my husband after 24 years of marriage.
My kids were all grown up and on their own. It left me suddenly alone and not needed.
My awesome clients took me under their wings. They became my friends and support.
I didn’t look too much ahead. I focused on myself by walking on the beach, working out, adding a healthy diet, mediating, learning English, learning to drive and reading. I took it day by day.
Since I’m a very discipline person it made it easy for me to stick with myself growth. I became a different person. I became stronger, happier and healthier then I’ve ever been.
Even others started to noticed my change and ask me what I did and how.
I decided I want to help people who went through a devastating heartbreak as well and don’t feel good about themselves. I want to lead them to transform their lives and to get their power back.

Jitka Bernardova | Transformational coach

Things you don’t know about me

My happiest place on earth is on the beach.
I love speed.
Everything fast fascinates me.

I love to watch F1 and MotoGP.
I love downhill skiing, hockey, football, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, dancing.
I was the best rifle shooter in my class senior year of high school.
I have huge respect for military.
My whole world stops when
a jet or a Chinook appears in the sky.
I’m a gym rat.
I prefer a book or a walk
in the nature before TV.
I don’t like drama, I can’t stand cruelty.
I am a extremely optimistic person.
My dream is to own an Aston Martin.

And now about you

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning or do you feel happy, healthy and relaxed?
Do you blame yourself for everything or do you feel confident?
Do you hold on to the grudge or have you let it go?
Do you feel lonely and not needed or is your day filled with activities you love?
Do you feel uncomfortable to walk into a room with your friends because no one knows what to say or is it easy?
Are you tired of listening to your family and your friends about what you should and shouldn’t do or are you in charge of your own life?
Is your mind focused on revenge or did you already figure out that the best revenge is to move on with a happy life?
Do you feel like a failure or do you know that your marriage failed not you?


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