JITKA BERNARDOVA Empowerment Coach for Highly Sensitive Introverted Women

I help women, who are highly sensitive introverts, to create structure and daily routines so they can live a balanced and productive life.
You are too sensitive!
Cry baby!
Tough it up!
Stop hiding!
You need to go out and meet people!
Speak louder!
Sounds familiar?
You might be a highly sensitive introvert like me.
I believed there was something wrong with me my whole life. Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and self-doubt were my best friends. I felt so different. I’m sensitive to smells, noise, and textures. Expressing my emotions is my strength. Loving and forgiving those who hurt me is my gift. I don’t like small talk. I hate parties and I never understood why until I found out that I absorb peoples energy and that causes stress in my body. 

How did I find out?

I devoted 7 years to training and studying self-development.
Good news is that there is nothing wrong with you! You just process everything deeply. And I mean everything!
That’s why its so important to learn how to protect yourself.


Highly sensitive people tend to have low self-esteem, because they were told they are too sensitive so they feel abnormal.
A self-esteem builder is the key to peak performance and freedom.

I am here to help!
I created a program called FEETS that will help you to love yourself even more.

  • F – Freedom
    E – Efficiency
    E – Empowerment
    T – Time
    S – Structure
    With this program
    I set the foundation for discipline and self-esteem.
  • 20 minuteshealthy breakfast (optimizing you energy level, taking the next step in realizing your full potential) and gratitude (raise your vibration)
    20 minutesmeditation (increases immune system, intuition, reduces stress, and anxiety)
    20 minuteswork out (stress reducer and health restorer)

You will love this morning magical time before everyone gets up, when everything is still.
You will feel more creative, focused, and energized.
When you win your morning, you win your day!

Stronger Mind + Healthy Body + Happy Heart


Jitka is a literally a hidden gem – anyone who has her as a coach is so lucky to have found her. One thing I love about Jitka is her ability understand me, when most people have a harder time understand me. This has made her coaching so much more effective than other coaches I’ve met, and Jitka is the one who helped me get myself out of my slump by coming up with a new morning routine with me.
 – Amy Lo
Let me start by saying Jitka Bernardova is an excellent coach. She possesses keen perception and contagious positive energy that immediately encourages and empowers. She has asked me direct questions, identified things that were holding me back and offered insights and resources that helped move me along my path more quickly than if I had undertaken the journey alone. Cannot recommend her highly enough. And as a bonus, the lilt in her voice, and the laughter she shares with you during a session, will leave you feeling all sparkly and shiny!
– Sheila Petnuch Fields
Founder of AwakenedWoman.me 
Jitka Bernardova coach

Things you don’t know about me

My happiest place on earth is on the beach.
I love speed.
Everything fast fascinates me.

I love to watch F1 and MotoGP.
I love downhill skiing, hockey, football, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, dancing.
I was the best rifle shooter in my class senior year of high school.
I have huge respect for military.
My whole world stops when
a jet or a Chinook appears in the sky.
I’m a gym rat.
I prefer a book or a walk
in the nature before TV.
I don’t like drama, I can’t stand cruelty.
I am a extremely optimistic person.
My dream is to own an Aston Martin.


+949 887 7027